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Welcome visitors! Welcome to the land of ZARSISIPAN! Private letters, public announcements, press releases, and everything else you care to hear about ZARSISIPAN can be found right here!

What's that you say? You've never heard of ZARSISIPAN? Well aren't we feeling all left out. Don't worry though, you'll have a much better understanding of it once you read the files. Please, enjoy everything offered here. Just sit back and take it all in! It might feel strange and unnatural at first, but hey, what doesn't?!

However, I must warn you that at times the language can get a bit "colorful" shall we say. And all information contained in these files is to be discussed openly in closed quarters so as to avoid any untold dubiety of truth contained herein.

And although unlikely, should any of you come across any other as yet undiscovered files pertaining to ZARSISIPAN, by all means, please notify me immediately via e-mail!

[UPDATED!]   Nurmix Web Central intercepts new files all the time. We encourage you to check back often!   [UPDATED!]

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Note: The bullet (*) color will vary depending on who we think wrote that particular file, as will the background color and picture of each file once they are displayed (although in some cases the author of the file is not always clear, or important for that matter). This feature should make it easier to determine who said what. Or not...

Below is the second wave of intercepted files we've ah, intercepted. Enjoy!

Below is the third wave of intercepted files we've also intercepted. Wow!

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