Voting Supreme

UNITED PRESS Corporation
(a subsidiary of Zoca-Cola-R -mmm,mmm that's a goodr [tm])

by Joe Muoller

In a decidedly decisive move the Supreme court voted to agree to unanimously 
approve the constitutional legality of all United States of America's (also 
known as 'USA') citizen's right to smoke, chew, suck, blow, spit, swallow, 
felate (spellcheck says "felt" huh, huh), lick, eat, shoot-up and generally 
self-abuse themselves on the non-toxic wonderfully tasty Zarsisipan Flute-
Screw cereal (and drug), as long as they have a written prescription from a 
doctor or go to an equally shady web site that allows simple forgery and 
only checks the prescription with a simple phone call to god-knows-who 
claiming to be a real doctor- that's how I get, I mean would get, my smack, 
princess sissy.

This case left the Justices with a feeling of peace and quiet, once their 
smack kicked iin likey it doing now.  The bvoted then agreed that Zarsisipan 
is totally safe for everyone, even, no especially the kiddies. Little kiddes 

With thissssssssss newwwwwwsssssss, oh smack, so goooudd, mmmmmm, .........


Some dude nmed GUY TuRnEDED up.  He no dead no more.  he just libey on 
beautifulll isalnd for sommmetime.  sujmmertime likey. smakci food smaki 

lov ve u

by bye. 

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