I am writing to send my sympathies to you and yours regarding Mr. Guy
Johnson - (Janitor?), Zartocksic Industries.

He was well liked by few, and hated by many.

But that's beside the point though, in'it mate?

I really __NEED__ some ZARSISIPAN man!!!

I crave the shit like you wouldn't believe!?!!?

Guy was my supplier, and now that he's apparently gone, I've got no
source.  You gotta help me, please!

It's just like you corporate fucks to saturate the market with your vile,
addictive crap and then snatch it away without so much as an explanation!
I mean, for all we know, Mr. Johnson is alive and well, living out his
days on some tropical island in Zarsisipan bliss!  (the filthy BASTARD!!)

Let me in man!!  Let ME the fuck IN!!!
I'll do anything for your company, A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G ! ! ! ! !

Oh my God, the cravings......!!!

You... gotta... hElP mE...   Pa-LeAsE...............................

Grant Tribucco
CEO - Bratsworth Engineering (UK Division)

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