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This page contains some rather intriguing and often bizarre observations on life...

I first saw Jack's work (Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey) here in the U.S. on the NBC television show Saturday Night Live, but there are calendars and books available as well. I found bits and pieces of his thoughts scattered across the internet in various places, and then spent a great deal of time sorting through everything I found, trying to eliminate duplicates, and arranging them into some semblance of order!

Anyway, I have no idea if there are any more, or if old Jack is still creating them. So if anyone reading this has any information about him or his thoughts, please send me some e-mail right away!

Anyway, there are four volumes available on my site, just select the one you'd like to read from the list below. Or, you can also download the entire collection in a ZIP file (unzipped it's plain ASCII text).

Happy reading!

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