NURVIS Intellivision Auction #2 (Rules)

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NURVIS Intellivision Auction #2 RULES:
1.  Send all bids and questions here
-Bids posted to the newsgroups will not be counted 
-Updates to the newsgroups will be at least every 2 days 
-Bidders will also receive updates via e-mail at least every 2 days 

2.  Bidding (raises): 
    $ 0.50 - $10.00  ----> $0.50 
    $10.00 - $25.00  ----> $1.00 
    $25.00 - $50.00  ----> $2.00 
    $50.00 - $75.00  ----> $3.00 
    $75.00 and over  ----> $4.00 (I can dream can't I?!) 
3.  Trades or buyouts will be considered if I think it's worth it! 
4.  If you bid and don't pay, you will be continuously flamed for months on 
    end in every video game related newsgroup I can find, in addition to 
    earning a coveted spot on my web page as a worthless lowlife scumbag! 
5.  If 2 people bid the same amount on any item, the one who bid first gets it. 
6.  Cartridges are loose if nothing is listed after the game title. 
    Note that color copied & laminated overlays (which I make) will be 
    available to those winning loose Intellivision carts for $1.00/pair. 
    Photocopied instruction manuals will also be available (price depends on 
    number of pages).  Let me know if you are interested. 
7.  I reserve the right to withdraw any item from the auction at any time, 
    whether due to a buyout or any other circumstance - such as no 
    bids or bids that I consider too low - although this probably won't happen! 
8.  Buyer PRE-PAYS for winnings and shipping.  Final bid prices do not include 
    shipping (or optional insurance).  This will be calculated after the final 
    bids are in and verified with the individual bidders, and will be based on 
    weight / size of items.  Shipping (in most cases) will be via USPS 
    Priority Mail.  International shipments (outside the US) will be a bit 
    more expensive of course. 
9.  Methods of payment: cash (risky), money order (preferred) or personal 
    check (requires 2-3 week waiting period for check to clear). 
10. The auction will enter the going once (G1), going twice (G2), SOLD phase 
    on Monday, April 26th.  At that point, only those people who have already 
    bid on an item or items will be allowed to continue raising / bidding. 
11. SCANS of certain items can be e-mailed to bidders or placed on my web site 
    if requested. 
12. When e-mailing a bid to me, please don't quote the entire post if at all 
    possible; just the item(s) you're bidding on.  And try to quote the 
    previous bid - if there is one. 
13. Stop reading these damn rules and get on with the bidding already! 
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