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For now this page only contains information on my [now finished] newsgroup auction, otherwise known as the NURVIS Intellivision Auction #2. In time, as I work to complete my web site there will be information on the systems I own, carts available for trade, scans of classic game ads, boxes, overlays and other cool classic gaming paraphernalia. In the mean time, a list of everything that was in my auction is available for your viewing and gaming pleasure.

Please send me some e-mail if you'd like to find out what items are still available (that either weren't bid on or the bidder didn't send payment), or if you'd like to be informed of any future auctions I might have. You can also view the previous auction's rules.

Auction Items with descriptions
Click "linked" items to see the scan.

/// B O X E D   G A M E S
Dracula - (NEW/shrink wrapped)
Star Strike - (NEW/shrink wrapped)
Spiker Super Pro Volleyball - (boxed/complete)
Super Pro Football - (boxed/complete)
Popeye - (boxed/complete)
Donkey Kong Junior - (boxed/complete)
Demon Attack - (boxed/complete)
Bomb Squad - (boxed/complete)
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack [#1] - (boxed/complete)
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack [#2] - (boxed/complete)
Major League Baseball - (boxed/complete)
Auto Racing - (boxed/complete)
Star Strike - (boxed/complete)
Astrosmash - (boxed/complete)
Frog Bog - (boxed/complete)
Horse Racing - (boxed/complete)
Dragonfire - (boxed w/instructions, 1 overlay, catalog)
Sea Battle - (boxed w/instructions, 1 overlay)
Space Battle - (boxed w/instructions)

/// G A M E S   W I T H   E X T R A S
Mission X - (w/instructions, 2 overlays)
Burgertime - (w/instructions, 2 overlays)
Night Stalker - (w/instructions, 2 overlays)
Space Armada - (w/instructions, 2 overlays)
Major League Baseball - (w/instructions, 2 overlays)
Boxing - (w/instructions, 1 overlay)
Lock 'N' Chase [#1] - (w/instructions, 2 overlays)
Lock 'N' Chase [#2] - (w/instructions, 2 overlays)
Lock 'N' Chase [#3] - (w/instructions)
Lock 'N' Chase [#4] - (w/instructions)
World Championship Baseball - (w/instructions)
Loco-Motion - (w/instructions)
Pitfall - (w/instructions)
Donkey Kong [#1] - (w/instructions)
Donkey Kong [#2] - (w/instructions)
Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack - (w/instructions)
Astrosmash - (w/instructions)
TRON Maze-A-Tron - (w/instructions)
Armor Battle -(w/instructions)
Sub Hunt - (w/instructions)
Skiing - (w/instructions)
NFL Football - (w/instructions)
Baseball - (w/instructions)
Atlantis [#1] - (w/instructions)
Atlantis [#2] - (w/instructions)

/// L O O S E   G A M E S
Beauty & the Beast
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Mouse Trap
Burgertime [#1]
Burgertime [#2]
Utopia (white label)
Utopia (purple label)
Night Stalker (white label)
Night Stalker (red label)
Masters of the Universe [#1]
Masters of the Universe [#2]
B-17 Bomber
Horse Racing
Space Battle
Triple Action
Sea Battle
NASL Soccer
Hockey (white label)

/// I N S T R U C T I O N   M A N U A L S
Mission X
PGA Golf
PGA Golf (b&w)
Major League Baseball
NFL Football
Lock 'N' Chase
Space Armada [#1]
Space Armada [#2]
Space Armada [#3]
Star Strike
TRON Deadly Discs
TRON Deadly Discs (b&w)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Treasure of Tarmin
Auto Racing
Space Hawk (Spanish)
Demon Attack (center of manual - picture)
Donkey Kong Junior
Astrosmash (writing on it)
Atlantis (writing on it)
Star Strike (slightly stained)
Major League Baseball (slightly stained)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (photocopy)

/// O V E R L A Y S
1 Auto Racing
1 Space Armada
1 Space Armada
1 Auto Racing - laminated color copy
1 Auto Racing - laminated color copy

/// C A T A L O G S
Blue (1981 #00073350)
Blue (1981 #00073350-G1) [#1]
Blue (1981 #00073350-G1) [#2]
Blue (1981 #00073350-G1) [#3]
Black (1982 #0007-3350A) [#1]
Black (1982 #0007-3350A) [#2]
Black (1982 #0007-3350A) [#3]
Black (1982 #0007-3350G2)
Black (1982 #0007-3350G3)[#1]
Black (1982 #0007-3350G3)[#2]
Black (1982 #0007-3350G3)[#3]
Black (1982 #0007-3350G3)[#4]
Black (1982 #0007-3350G3)[#5]
Black (1982 #0007-3350G3)[#6]
Black (1982 #0007-3350G3)[#7]
Black (1982 #0007-3350G3)[#8]
Black (1982 #0007-3350G3)[#9]

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