The Story of Nurmix
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Well basically, back in 1984 or so, I started getting into electronic and industrial dance music, and frequenting clubs like 321 in Santa Monica, California. Shortly after that, I began collecting 12" singles - which you can see a listing of on the music page - and I began DJing.

I had my own small company, and worked private parties, dances, and some clubs. And along with my interest in DJing came a desire to create my own versions (mixes) of songs that I liked. And the short and simple answer is that I called the original mixes I created "Nurmixes" - since my last name is Nurminen, and it was a remix.

Well, the name sort of stuck, and when I started getting into the online BBS thing, I chose Nurmix as my "handle", and I decided to keep using it as my online activities progressed onto the Internet and to Nurmix Web Central.

Eventually, I plan to make some of my original mixes available here for download as MP3 files. However, one of my best examples was a 45 minute "MegaNurmix" of one of my favorite bands at the time, New Order. It contains a huge selection of their songs, mixed together and combined with interview snippets and other cool stuff. Of course this mix is far too long to make available as an MP3, but I do have CDs of it for sale here on the site - Take a look at the mixELEKTRO records CD order form and catalog page for more information.

Anyway, I'll put more about this stuff on the music page of Nurmix Web Central in the near future...

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